Senior product designer based in Copenhagen

Made: FeatsEverchat, Iceboks, Remotes 


Everchat is a network of communities based on topics that interest you. It is a side project Patrik Ondrovič and I work on in our spare time. Patrik and I share a strong belief in free speech, and the increasing Internet censorship was the main reason behind the creation of this digital platform.  

Role: Product Designer 

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Feats is the first professional network based on verification of roles in projects. Today, business is project-driven. Yet, old school CVs and professional networks still prioritize where you worked over what you did. Feats turns your past projects into a track-record for your future. 

Role: Product Designer 

Quadric Index

Quadric Framework is an analytics tool used by Quadric consultants. It is used to determine which core idea a brand focuses on. Then, the Quadric Index is calculated, and quantifies how focused and aligned the brand’s activities are with the core idea that matters to it.

Role: UX Designer 

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