Hey, Iโ€™m Erik Fiala (27), a product designer with 7 years of experience, working fully remotely. Iโ€™m an expert in user-centered design, complex problem-solving, and data-driven UX optimization.

The early years of my career started with self-teaching Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator at the age of 14 and later launching my first website (a discussion forum) made in Microsoft FrontPage at the age of 15.

Currently, I work at LifeX designing a SaaS product called Felix (yes, an anagram of the word โ€œLifeXโ€), and Iโ€™m also an investor and a big believer in cryptocurrencies and all that comes with it.

Now: Sourcemoon, LifeX
Before: one.com, Feats, Quadric
Made: Co-founderโ€™s Daily Journal, Remotes
Discontinued: Everchat, Bill.care (now Pearly Pay)
Features: Danske Bank, The UX Blog
Archive: Film, Design, Dribbble, Medium
Contact: LinkedIn, Twitter, Email