Helping everyone get credit for their work

Year — 2018 - 2020
Company — Feats
Role — Product Designer

There’s a real big problem the world’s creators are facing. Not everyone’s getting credit for their contributions. We want to make it universal for companies and individuals to give credit to their employees/partners/freelancers/... Just like the people in the film industry do (IMDb).

Feats is a community of people helping each other get credit for their work. We needed to make sure that it wouldn’t be annoyingly difficult and time-consuming to give or receive credit, and optimize for people feeling good about giving credit to each other.

The early research showed that people would much rather receive credit, than give credit. To give credit in Feats, it is a requirement that you add your projects, and invite all the projects’ team members. This was the most challenging experience our early adopters faced.

We went through a lot of iterations on how easy, yet secure the process should be, and we made a decision to go with a version where the more project team members confirm your credit, the more credible you become. This was one of the core capabilities of our MVP, and we finally had a starting point for measuring the first KPIs.

Later in 2019, we started to optimize for a higher conversion rate when we figured out that the virality effect in the giving/receiving credit cycle works. We hired two Community Developers to do a concierge service for our users that have the highest potential ROI.

There is still a psychological challenge though. Can we shift the thinking from “Can I publicly share this?” or “Will the company sue me?” to just like in Hollywood — “I should invite everyone who worked on this, to get public credit for it.”?


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