Empowering freedom of speech on the Internet

Year — 2019
Company — Everchat
Role — Product Designer, Co-founder
Responsibilities — UX, UI, IA, prototyping, flowcharts

Everchat is a project Patrik Ondrovich and I co-founded. We want to give people the ability to express their opinion towards anything, anywhere on the World Wide Web, and create new or join existing like-minded communities.

We want to encourage freedom of speech and expression, yet make people accountable for whatever they say. Once you send anything (text, image, video, audio, file, etc.) to Everchat, you are unable to delete it. However, you can always edit your posts, but we keep track of the edit history.

Everchat is not regulated what so ever. While this can be a luxury for a lot of users, it also comes with problems like extremist groups, child pornography and similar. Will it be necessary to add regulations against such cases in order for Everchat to remain on market? Or will it be harmful to our mission of “Empowering freedom of speech on the Internet”?


All logos, photos, or written content that were not created by me are illustratory and were not used for commercial purposes.